Saturday, September 11, 2004

Child murderers against war and globalization

Gene at Harry's Place writes:

Speaking of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine-- the unapologetic murderers of 21 Israeli schoolchildren in 1974-- they are among the organizations preparing for an international conference on the antiwar and antiglobalization movements next week in Beirut.

Also involved in preparations for the meeting, according the information sheet (pdf), are two leading Western antiwar groups-- the Stop the War Coalition in the UK and United for Peace and Justice in the US. (I can find no mention of the Beirut conference on either of their web sites. Are they ashamed of something?)

According to a conference web page:

Hosting the meeting is a broad range of political forces in Lebanon and Palestine, including progressives, seculars, and Islamists.

Nice to see everyone getting along so well these days.

Anyway I hope that during a break in the denunciations of Zionist imperialism, some folks from the antiwar Left will have a chance to ask their comrades from the DFLP if they are sorry about massacring those kids back in 1974.

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