Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Boyda Hits Ryun on Insurance Scam

Nancy Boyda, a moderate Demoratic, is running against far-right Congressman Jim Ryun in Kansas' 2nd Congression District. It's a race that should be winnable. It has been held by Democrats for long streches in the recent past and by Democratic Governor Kathleeen Sebelius and Attorney General candidate Chris Beggs in 2002. She has done a good job of fundraising.

Now, she may have a issue that drive home that Ryun for all his talk about family values has done a better job of taking care of big business--even shady insurance companies--than representing the interests of working families.

Lawrence Journal World

Democrat Nancy Boyda on Friday accused incumbent U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun of running interference for companies that have used devious, hard-pressure tactics to sell American soldiers expensive and unneeded insurance policies and other financial services. Ryun denied the accusation.

"I just feel that our soldiers deserve better," said Boyda, who is challenging Ryun, a Republican from Jefferson County, for the 2nd Congressional District, which includes western Lawrence.

Boyda noted a July investigative report by The New York Times that said Ryun was one of three members of the House Armed Services Committee who urged the Pentagon to allow insurance companies and agents to continue to sell policies to soldiers despite numerous complaints that agents misled military personnel. The report about predatory sales tactics on service members has sparked political outrage and prompted a congressional hearing.

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