Thursday, July 29, 2004

Some Clever Politcal Stuff

Tired of speeches and news articles, then you might enjoy these:

Brother Can You Spare a Job?

In November of 2003, launched "Bush in 30 Seconds", a contest whose goal was to "bring new talent and new messages into the world of mainstream political advertising". "Brother, Can You Spare a Job?" was nominated as one of four finalists in the "Best Animation" category. The creators Tom Neely and Greg Saundersour mutual love of 20's and 30's animation, a depression-era setting seemed like a natural fit to describe the first presidency since Herbert Hoover to end his term with job losses.

It has now been expanded into 7-minute short cartoon, which is under a creative commons license.

Another creative, though simpler site is 10 Reasons to Stop Bush.

Poker with Dick Cheney
Just a hilarious script now, but crying out for a flash animination.

Dick Cheney, 6/19/04. Start tape at 12:32 AM.

The Editors: We'll take three cards.

Dick Cheney: Give me one.

Sounds of cards being placed down, dealt, retrieved, and rearranged in hand. Non-commital noises, puffing of cigars.

TE: Fifty bucks.

DC: I'm in. Show 'em.

TE: Two pair, sevens and fives.

DC: Not good enough.

TE: What do you have?

DC: Better than that, that's for sure. Pay up.

TE: Can you show us your cards?

DC: Sure. One of them's a six.

TE: You need to show all your cards. That's the way the game is played.

<>Colin Powell: Ladies and gentlemen. We have accumulated overwhelming evidence that Mr. Cheney's poker hand is far, far better than two pair. Note this satellite photo, taken three minutes ago when The Editors went to get more chips. In it we clearly see the back sides of five playing cards, arranged in a poker hand. Defector reports have assured us that Mr. Cheney's hand was already well advanced at this stage. Later, Mr. Cheney drew only one card. Why only one card? Would a man without a strong hand choose only one card? We are absolutely convinced that Mr. Cheney has at least a full house.

.Just a script now, but crying out for a flash animination.

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