Sunday, July 25, 2004

Kansas Churches Get Political

From a recent column by Dr. Bill Roy "So Much for Church and State Separation"

After all, partisan political activity using church property or funds is specifically forbidden by federal law. While there are no criminal sanctions, pastors are not going to put their church's charitable tax-exemption status at risk, are they?

If the detailed report of a mole who attended a June 3 meeting at an evangelical church is correct, pastors are willing to risk their church's tax-exempt status to elect God's chosen to political office.

The senior pastor of the host church called on the more than 100 pastors present to register 100,000 conservative voters throughout the state of Kansas. He appealed to the pastors to combat liberal misinformation by sending mass e-mails to church members.

Participants were treated to a slide showing how each Wyandotte and Johnson County senator and representative voted on the Defense of Marriage Act and pro-life legislation. Available brochures were printed in red for those who voted wrong and in blue for favored candidates.

Among the speakers was Kris Kobach, former counsel for Attorney General John Ashcroft and current candidate for Congress in the 3rd District. He let them know that he believes in God and that his opponents believe in evil, making the pastors' choice pretty easy.

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