Saturday, July 10, 2004

July 11: International Day Against Stoning

Here is an extract from a letter from the Coordinator of the International Committee Against Stoning to Kofi Annan:

The International Committee against Stoning is a network of more than 200 women’s rights and human rights organizations and individuals. We, heartened by the success of our campaign to save the Nigerian woman Amina Lawal from the brink of stoning, and overwhelmed by the level of support and sympathy directed towards our campaign, proposed to declare July 11th, the day on which in 2001 Maryam Ayoubi, an Iranian woman and mother of three children was stoned to death, as the International Day against Stoning. This day has been endorsed by many other organizations.

In order to recognize this day by the international community, we have urged all women’s rights and human rights organizations to observe one-minute silence at 11:00 am GMT on 11th July 2004.

On behalf of the International Committee against Stoning, I would like to urge you as the Secretary-General of the United Nation to announce and observe a minute silence on July 11th 2004 at 11:00 am. I am sure you agree with us that the announcement by the UN will definitely be a step forward towards saving many lives and recognizing one of the most basic rights of people living under the threat of stoning.

Mina Ahadi
Coordinator of the International Committee against Stoning

Cc: European Union
Human rights and women’s rights organizations

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