Saturday, July 17, 2004

Atlerman: Bush's Impeachable Offenses

Eric Altermann's latest Nation column ("Wrong Again") is right again:

Nearly every day brings fresh evidence that the Bush Administration
deliberately undermined the security of this nation by misleading us
into a costly and potentially ruinous war in Iraq. If Republicans were
not in control of Congress, these would be impeachable offenses--far
worse than anything Bill Clinton or even Richard Nixon ever did. And
yet, by muddying the waters through clever manipulation of the known
facts (free of vigorous challenge from the media), the Administration
stands a strong chance of getting away with it. With the help of
Republican stooge Ralph Nader and his misguided supporters, they may
just win their first election.

...the Bush Administration has been able to convey the impression of having
been (along with Congress and the rest of us) the innocent victim of a
CIA misinformation campaign--much easier since the committee postponed
its examination of the Administration's prewar hype until after the
election. But this misimpression is also a product of the selective
amnesia of much of the media that covered the release of the report.

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