Monday, May 23, 2005

Who Wants to Lose to Sebelius

If Kansas Republicans don't come up with a candidate soon, they may want to try a "reality" show. According to an article by Steven Painter in Sunday's Wichita Eagle.

In the political scramble to figure out who will face Gov. Kathleen Sebelius in next year's gubernatorial election, one thing has become clear.

The field of potential Republican challengers is more notable for the names it doesn't include than the names it does.

"The strong candidates that would be formidable against Sebelius have basically removed themselves from the race," said Joe Aistrup, head of the political science department at Kansas State University.

The absence of Sam Brownback, Pat Roberts, Todd Tiahrt, Jim Ryun, Jerry Moran and Phill Kline opens up the field for less-well-knowns within the GOP, which holds a nearly 2-1 edge among registered voters.

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