Monday, May 09, 2005

20 de Mayo: democratic assembly in Cuba

from Babalu Blog

recently released Cuban dissidents Rene Gomez Manzano and Martha Beatriz Roque-Cabello issued a press release stating plans to have independent groups and organizations gather peacefully in Havana on May 20 to debate ways to democratize Cuba.

These dissidents and other Cubans living in exile have formed the Assembly for the Advancement of Civil Society in Cuba and are working tirelessly to make the May 20th gathering an unprecedented showing of solidarity for the cause of human and civil freedoms in Cuba.

What is the Assembly to Promote Civil Society?

The Assembly to Promote Civil Society in Cuba is a coalition of 365 independent civil society groups within Cuba, which can be truthfully called non-governmental organizations.

All these groups – although having solicited official recognition, have been unable to obtain it, because, as it is well known, dissent is not permitted in Cuba -- not even within the Constitution of the Republic.

The Assembly is a learning means, to help educate the social self towards the re-establishment of civil society, aimed at establishing a democratic system in our country.

The Assembly’s course of action is based upon:

-The formation of a democratic culture
-The development of a social movement
-The strengthening of the Assembly’s organization
-The communications among groups to promote the civil society
-The use of all available means to combat poverty and seek the betterment of the community’s life conditions
-The development of a true knowledge of Cuba’s history, in all its dimensions: economic, social and political.
-The undertaking of activities and projects aimed at the protection and conservation of natural resources and the ecosystem.
-The promotion of a true culture on labor rights

We are calling upon all members of the Assembly to participate in a General Meeting scheduled for this year’s first semester, in order to discuss the joint work we need to undertake towards this end in the future. The tyranny that rules our country has always been opposed to all types of activities of independent groups, and more so, to those activities which represent the unity within Cuba and with the exile community.

Notwithstanding the risks we face under this repressive system, we believe it is necessary to carry out this massive event that constitutes a vital sign in the history of this bloody dictatorship.

This is why we are soliciting international support to carry out this important expression of self-determination that represents the dignity and the will of the Cuban people.

I believe it is imperative for the cause of freedom in Cuba to have the support of the outside world. I urge each and every one of you that reads this blog to click the following link and sign your name to this petition of solidarity with this cause. For over 4 decades the present regime in Cuba has maintained itself in power by usurping the will of its people through oppression while the rest of the world has turned a blind eye. Let fidel castro and his regime know that the world is watching.

Petition for Solidarity with the Assembly for the Advancement of Civil Society in Cuba

While all of the messages from those that have signed on are in Spanish, it's important that those working for freedom on the island know that they have many English speaking friends- as well as others - who support their cause. Please take a few minutes to not only sign the petition but to send them a message of support, of solidarity and of hope. Let them know that freedom knows no linguistic barriers.

Here are the fields translated into English for those of you who do not speak Spanish. You do not have to enter information in all the fields, only those that you feel comfortable with.

-Full Name
-Postal Code

Again, please take a few moments and show your support. Let the oppressors know that there are those on the outside that are willing to take a stand against their brutality and violation of basic human and civil rights. We all know the importance of having friends at our side during the most trying of times.

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