Thursday, May 12, 2005

Muslim groups boycott Muslim March Against Terror

From the Counter-terrorism blog

"Free Muslims Against Terrorism" are sponsoring a March Against Terror this Saturday in Washington, with the endorsement of numerous Muslim and non-Muslim groups. Ironically, according to "Free Muslims" President Kamal Nawash, four of the leading Muslim organizations won't join in the march in any way. Mr. Nawash won't name them, but it won't be difficult to identify them. These groups shouldn't be taken seriously when they claim to stand against Islamic extremism.
From Robert Spencer
Thomas Haidon, that is what the present March is. At least that's how he represented it to CAIR's Ibrahim Hooper in this phone conversation, of which he kindly sent me a transcript:

TH: Greetings, Mr. Hooper. It's Thomas Haidon from FMAT calling. Asalamu aleykum.

IH: Wa leykum salam.

TH: I am calling with respect to our rally on 14 May 2005. I spoke with your colleague Rabiah Ahmed.

IH: Yes. Thank you. I though FMAT received our official response quite some time ago.

TH: Actually we have not. But we would like CAIR to participate in a stand of unity.

IH: Let's be honest. Our organisations are diametrically opposed. The leadership of this organisation does not believe that FMAT represents the interests of the American Muslim community. We believe that CAIR does, and our organisation has spoken loudly and clearly against terrorism. We are not sure what this rally would accomplish.

TH: This rally is more than a rally against terrorism. It is a rally against jihad and the tradition of violence that aspects of Islam has fomented. We must speak openly and frankly about these issues. Are you ready to stand with us?

IH: Thank you very much, Thomas. FMAT has received our response. Asalamu aleykum and goodbye.

TH: Wa leykum salam.

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