Friday, June 25, 2010

Senate Dem Leader Hensley Endorses Chris Biggs, calls for Steineger to drop out

Chris Biggs, Ks. Secretary of  State
An Open Letter to Kansas Democrats
From Senator Anthony Hensley
Kansas Senate Democratic Leader

Dear Fellow Democrats:

Last week a federal investigation exposed extensive financial mismanagement of the Kansas Republican Party under the leadership of Kris Kobach.

During Kobach’s stint as Republican state chairman, the Republican Party accepted illegal donations yet failed to pay thousands of dollars in state and federal taxes.  Not only that, Kobach left the Kansas Republican Party almost bankrupt.

Now Kris Kobach wants to be our next Kansas Secretary of State.  Should he become the Republican nominee, Kansas Democrats need a strong candidate who will bring professional conduct to the office.

I believe the man to beat Kobach is our current Secretary of State, Chris Biggs.  Chris is a lifelong public servant.  He has the experience and integrity needed to go head-to-head with and win.  It is important that we unite behind the strongest Democratic candidate and in this case the choice is clear:  Chris Biggs is the man for the job.

So, today, I am not only endorsing Chris Biggs for Secretary of State, but I am calling on Biggs’ primary opponent, State Senator Chris Steineger, to withdraw from the race and put his full support behind Secretary Biggs.

Much like Kris Kobach, Steineger has his own ethical and legal problems.  He has violated campaign finance laws which forced him to pay a $5,000 fine to the Kansas Ethics Commission (Topeka Capital-Journal, May 18, 2010).  Democrats will lose the office if Chris Steineger is our candidate. 
Kansans deserve a Secretary of State who understands the law, follows the law, and is committed to enforcing the law.

I strongly urge you to join me in voting for Secretary of State Chris Biggs in the Democratic primary elected on Tuesday, August 3rd.  To learn more about Chris Biggs, go to his Web site at


Anthony Hensley
Kansas Senate Democratic Leader

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