Saturday, June 26, 2010

KS-4 Poll shows tight primaries; is vote against state budget hurting Goyle

There is a new poll out showing tight primaries, as expected on the GOP and, surprisingly, on the Democratic side.  According to the poll, State Representative  Raj Goyle, who has raised over $ 1million, leads retiree Robert Tillman by only a 42-32 percent margin.  One has to wonder whether Goyle lost support because of his failure to support a one-cent increase in the state sales tax, which was backed by Kansas Governor Mark Parkinson and an overwhelming majority of Democratic legislators as the alternative to drastic budget cuts.

Here's a report from Daily Kos

KS-04: Toss-up for the GOP, Democratic field closer than expected
If KS-01 is seen by virtually everyone as a guaranteed hold for the GOP (McCain took 69% there), the Wichita-based 4th district has potential. Not only is the district marginally more competitive (58-40 for McCain), but the Democrats have one of their leading recruits here in state senator [sic] Raj Goyle. Given that fact, the latest SurveyUSA poll out of the district has to give Dems pau se. In that poll, Goyle only leads the Democratic primary with 42% of the vote, with 32% of the vote going to retiree Robert Tillman, who has not even raised enough cash to file an FEC report (Goyle has raised close to a million dollars for his bid). On the GOP side, it is a battle of the businessmen, as manufacturing executive Mike Pompeo leads oil executive Wink Hartman by a pair (39-37), with the rest of the field languishing in the single digits.

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