Monday, March 01, 2010

Kos on Kansas Gov race

An item in Daily Kos is interesting.

KS-Gov: Brownback Holds Early Lead To Flip Kansas for GOP

With outgoing Democratic Governor Mark Parkinson electing not to seek re-election, the GOP has been a heavy favorite throughout to claim the governor's mansion, propelled by popular Senator Sam Brownback's decision to trade in his Senate ID for the title of Governor. In that context, this Rasmussen poll is actually a touch underwhelming for the GOP. Brownback enjoys a solid lead over relatively new Democratic candidate Steve [sic] Holland, but Brownback is held to just 55% of the vote in doing so (55-33). Holland is a little-known state legislator, and his numbers are bound to improve somewhat as he actually forges a campaign. In a "what might have been" data point for the Dems, Governor Parkinson actually has (in this environment) extraordinarily high job approval. Indeed, his 58/34 approval spread is equal to the favorabilities for Brownback.

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