Saturday, March 06, 2010

Flaming Enchirito: progressive & blog on posterous

I just came across and added to the New Appeal to Reason blog roll and to my Google's Reader, Flaming Enchirito a blog by my friend Kiley Hernandez, who used to live in Wichita but now works for the national machinists union (IAM).

There's lot of good content there, though I am not a fan of white text on a black background. (I must confess that one of the fist website I build used that theme. I'm not

For those web geeks out there, Kiley is using Posterous, a new blogging plus tool that looks extremely promising. Even if you are happy with or, you may want to take a look at Posterous, it has some tools that can be used with the more established blogging platforms. I've done a test of Posterous along with some friends and I think it has great potential.

Eric Lee, founder of LabourStart, recommends Posterous as a a flexible and powerful tool for union campaigns.

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