Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dale Hawkins RIP

Dale Hawkins, one of the few white artists to record for Chess Records has passed at age 73. Like many of my generation, I came across his work via Credence Clearwater Revival's cover of his most famous song "Suzy Q"

Here's what has to say

Dale Hawkins' 1957 hit "Suzy Q," with its crackling bluesy guitar and insistent cowbell, was one of the most exciting early rockabilly singles. Recording for Chess (as one of its few white artists) between 1956 and 1961, Hawkins never quite duplicated its success, either commercially or artistically, but came close enough on a number of occasions to warrant respect as one of the better rockabilly singers. His drawling delivery, sense of humor, affinity for blues, and sharp guitar work (which was actually provided by such ace players as Roy Buchanan, Scotty Moore, and James Burton) are heard to good effect on his 1958 album and a number of non-hit singles.

I bought a cassette of his early work post-LP and pre-CD, but it's not handy. I'll check to see what is available on Rhapsody.

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