Sunday, February 21, 2010

Adam Holland--blogroll friend--profiled on Normblog

I've never met Adam Holland, but I've regularly read his blog and include it in my blogroll. Now, I know a little more about him because he is featured in this week's Normblog profile. Each week, Norm Geras, a UK-based poltiical scientist, profiles a blogger. ( The index of blogger can be found here and I was profiled here.)

Here's what Adam says about his blog and his best blogging experience

Why do you blog? > I call myself a man-in-the-street blogger. I blog as a way to make sense of a sometimes insane world. When the extremist camel sticks its nose under the mainstream tent, I like to rap it with a rolled up newspaper. I frequently focus on issues relating to conspiracy theories, the far right, and anti-Semitism. I also write to counter unreasonable criticism of Israel and undiscriminating support of Israel's enemies. I do this with an eye to promoting liberal ideas and promoting good sense on the liberal left. I try to do all this without making too big a deal of my opinions, focusing as much as possible on facts and avoiding name-calling and blanket characterizations. I also like digging up dirt.

What has been your best blogging experience? > I revealed that a neo-Nazi and KKK leader was on the ballot in Tennessee to be a Ron Paul delegate to the Republican convention in 2008. He had been using his role as a county campaign leader to recruit racists until I posted about it and the AP picked up the story.

I should also mention that Adam has great taste in music, picking Thelonious Monk as his favorite composer and picking two great obscure cuts as his favorite songs (of the moment)
'Sugar Bee' by Cleveland Crochet; 'Hard Grind' by Wild Jimmy Spruill

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