Thursday, January 03, 2008

Best of year-end lists (in progress)

When the calendar turns, it is time not only for making resolutions, but also for the best of the the year lists. Here are some that I've come across.

Hatewatch's 1st Annual Smackdown Awards Southern Poverty Law Center's list of the very worst in hate in 2007.

Americans United presents some resolutions for the religious right.

Midwest Skeptic has a list of secular-oriented charities.

Judeosphere has the top ten Moonbats of 2007

Middle East Web's "prophet and loss statement for 2007" --what they got right and wrong.

Scott McLemmee, perhaps today's best intellectual, picked three best books of 2007 for Newsday's

Top ten under-reported humanitarian stories from Doctors without Frontiers.

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