Sunday, February 18, 2007

New Issue of Engage

Issue 4 (February 2007)of Engage's Journal is available on-line. Engage is a British-based group which "challenges contemporary antisemitism. Contemporary antisemitism nearly always appears using the language of anti-Zionism. 'Anti-racist' anti-Zionism is often reckless about creating an ideological foundation for, and licensing, more openly antisemitic discourses and movements."

Engage's Journal is for rigorous, academic and political writing on antisemitism. There is also a very fine blog or Forum for shorter, topical comments.

Making Emotional Sense of the Proposed Boycotts against Israeli Academics and Intellectuals - Catherine B. Silver

The Left and the Holocaust - David Rich

Dealing with Anti-Semitism in Britain - Shalom Lappin

Cure worse than the disease: academic boycott of Israel in the light of the academic boycott of South Africa - Mira Vogel

The Abuse of Holocaust Memory: The Far Right, the Far Left and the Middle East – Michael Ezra

The Australia/Israel Jewish Affairs Council: Good or Bad for Australian Jewry? - Philip Mendes

Globalization & Antisemitism: Muslim Judeophobia in Europe - Avram Hein

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