Saturday, April 15, 2006

100 Top Lies of Chomksy

Noam Chomsky has been voted the world's top intellectual. I really don't understand why. It is partly the halo effect of the high reputation of his work in linguistics and the fact that his linguistics work is virtually indecipherible. But when it comes to politics, Chomsky frequently takes indefensible positions and arrogantly never admits to a mistake. He has denied a genecide (Cambodia), proclaimed a Holocaust denier a "non-political liberal," and declared genocides that never took place (post-Taliban Afghanistan). Then, arrogantly, he denied ever making such remarks.

There are a number of critiques of Chomsky which can be found on the internet without too much trouble. The lastest (in PDF format) is Paul Bagdanor's "The Top 100 Chomsky Lies?"

I might not agree with every one of Bagdanor's points. He's a right winger, but a very high portion of the lies he identifies will be ones that deserve condemnation by honest people on the democratic left.

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