Wednesday, August 04, 2004

They Knew...

We now know that the Bush administration was warned before the war that its Iraq claims were weak.

In “They Knew ,” David Sirota and Christy Harvey present the definitive case that the Bush present the definitive case that the Bush administration knew it was deceiving Americans about the danger posed by Iraq. Sirota and Harvey use government reports and other information on the public record to compile the information and timeline that proves the Bush administration built a case for war by ignoring and twisting its own intelligence reports, and in the process deliberately misleading the American public and the international community.

In the IN THESE TIMES cover story, Sirota and Harvey give an airtight case that the Bush administration knew:

  • Iraq posed no nuclear threat
  • Iraq-uranium claims were not supported
  • There was no hard evidence Iraq had chemical or biological weapons
  • Saddam and bin Laden were not collaborating
  • They were misleading America.

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