Sunday, August 01, 2004

Make or Break Week(s) for Nader

The first two weeks of August could well be a make-or-break test for the credibility of Ralph Nader's quixotic independent candidacy for President. Without the machinery of the national Green Party to get on 51 ballots across the country, Nader has gotten into bed with the dubious remants of Ross Perot's Reform Party, anti-immigrant and anti-clean election forces in Arizona, the Christian Coalition and the Citizens for a Sound Economy in Oregon, and the Republicans Party in Michigan. But will it work--even in the narrow, practical sense.

Nader, if I am up to date, withdrew his Arizona petitions, failed to meet the requirements to get on the ballot in Texas, but is suing to get on the ballot under different requirements. It could be that there other problems in other states.

There is a certain, unstated, minimum of states which Nader must get on the ballot if he is to be to be taken seriously as a national candidate who should be included in polls or debate.

Here are the hurdles facing the Nader campaign in the next two weeks. (Information and quotes from the Nader website and Ballot Access News.)

August 2


"We need 1,000 valid signatures therefore our goal is 1,600 signatures by Monday"


"Need to collect 10,000 valid signatures therefore our goal is to collect 13,500"

August 3

South Dakota

" We need 3,346 valid signatures our goal is 5,000 signatures"

August 4


"Need 7,500 valid signatures therefore our goal 12,000"


"need to collect 2,878 valid signatures therefore our goal is to collect 3,800 signatures"

August 6


"Need 153,805 valid signatures therefore our goal is 210,000 signatures"

August 11

New Hampshire

"Need to submit 3,000 valid signatures, 1,500 from each of two congressional districts therefore our goal is to collect 4,000 signatures - 2,000 from each district"

August 13


"2,400 valid signatures in not less then ten counties (they do not have to be registered voters, but must be qualified to be registered voters)"

States without Coordinators

According the Nader-Camejo campaign website, the Nader folks are still lacking state coordinators in

District of Columbia
North Dakota

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