Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Kobach campaigns inside the virtual polling booth

There are long established laws and regulations that prevent campaigning within 50 feet of voting places.   But when it comes to internet, there are not such clear cut rules. We are often left with only ethical restraints.

It is not surprising that Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has taken advantage of the lack of regulations to make sure he is prominently promoted in the state's web sites promoting voting and reporting voting results.

Here is Kobach at the very front of the website

And, here Kobach on the site which reported Kansas primary elections results Tuesday night.

And, of course, on the Secretary of State's webpage.

There may well be more serious problems with Kobach's political activities.

Tmservo433 wrote on Daily Kos
Topeka Capital Journal reports it entered a whole new phase as Kris Kobach (Secretary of State, lead ALEC drafter) found his private PAC (The Prairie Fire PAC) in the troubling position of having been caught red handed financing attack ads against sitting Republicans who just aren't right-leaning enough.

Secretary of State Kris Kobach's political action committee sent out mailers seeking to influence at least two House Republican primaries this week, without reporting the spending on campaign finance reports.
 Rep. Russ Jennings, R-Lakin, and Rep. Kent Thompson, R-LaHarpe, both said Monday that Kobach's Prairie Fire PAC was active in their races with a mailer blasting Jennings and another endorsing Thompson's opponent in Tuesday's primary.

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