Friday, August 09, 2013

Concerning the Disconceting Use of Concerting

Listening to  NPR and  sports talk radio in the last several,I've noticed people saying this or that negative development is "concerning" when I expected them to say "diconcerting."

I hope this creeping usage is stopped before it spreads further.

Here are some examples from the Grammarist blog

”But each time we hear it, it’s surprising and rather shocking, specifically as it relates to cancer. It’s quite concerning.” [New York Times (1999)]
Ne’eman’s remarks should be concerning to “every citizen who cares about what happens in Israel in terms of its values and democracy.” [Jewish Telegraphic Agency (2009)]
Construction union Ucatt said the announcement was very concerning. [BBC (2012)]
Ms Gillard omitted one of the most concerning and disheartening statistics. [The Age (2012)]
Since concerning also means about, in reference to, or regarding, this usage can  be confusing.

Besides "disconcerting," there are other, better words that could be used "unsettling," “worrisome,” “troubling,” and “alarming.” Use them.  Plea se.

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