Saturday, March 09, 2013

Country Club #1

I've been sharing a blues video (most) Saturdays for quite a while now and I feel the need to take a little break. Or more accurately, a shift. I might have picked jazz or soul or rock, but  I'm going to be sharing some country and western videos on (most) Saturdays now.

 Every music series requires a catchy title and I'm borrowing "Country Club" from Travis Tritt. (wikipedia   website) I don't agree with Tritt's Republican politics, but this--his first single in 1989--is a great song and his mixture of honky tonk with country-rock and southern rocks works. says "Travis Tritt was one of the leading new country singers of the early '90s, holding his own against Garth Brooks, Clint Black, and Alan Jackson. He was the only one not to wear a hat and the only one to dip into bluesy Southern rock. Consequently, he developed a gutsy, outlaw image that distinguished him from the pack."

In a future post I'll discuss the political rationale for the series.  I think a that (many) leftists, progressives, and union activists ought to put aside aesthetic and political prejudices and actually listen to the music and hear the lyrics.

Hint: there's a little bit of class consciousness in this song and spent 26 weeks on the Hot Country Singles & Tracks charts, peaking at number nine.

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