Saturday, July 09, 2011

Blues on a Saturday: Tracy Nelson "Down So Low"

In April, Tracy Nelson released her 26th album Victim of the Blues. She's done not only  blues,  but also country  and rock, and in-between. She got her start in the folk and blues revival of the sixties and was part of the San Francisco rock scene in the late sixties., where she helped lead the under-rated  Mother Earth.  I bought their first LP Living with the Animals back in the day and it has long been one of my favorites.  it is out on CD from Wounded Bird records and is recommended. There are those, myself included, who ranked her as as superior to Janice Joplin

BluesWax recently published Don Wilcox's two part interview with Nelson--part one and part two

Here is Nelson in 1987 doing her 1968 song Down So Low.  It seems to be a modern blues standard, having been covered by Cyndi Lauper, Linda Ronstadt, and others.

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