Monday, May 09, 2011

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Russell Fox longs for a certain kind of left

The left I want is a complicated one: it's a left which wants to put empowerment first, and that means helping people--as I must always remind myself as well--grasp the limits, the particularity, within which such empowerment is possible. That's a hard left to maintain, and who knows? Perhaps it's an imaginary one. But allowing oneself to think that the conservatism inherent to a seriously liberalism, that the communitarianism that ought to ground any left, is some sort of unfortunate nostalgia, isn't correct, or at least not necessarily. In fact, if the left is to be rightly understood--or at least so I believe--it is anything but.

Norm Geras examines four reactions to the killing of Osama Ben Ladin: l)justified and legal; 2) unlawful but justified; 3) lawful but not justified; and 4) neither lawful nor justified.

Marc Cooper takes on a leading advocate of the neither lawful nor justified position, and says it is time for Noam Chomsky to retire.

Adam Holland on why Ron Paul's racist newsletters still matter.

Mark Engler warns that  the internet can be  a tool for repression.

Eric Lee writes defends Bob Dylan against Margaret Dowd's criticism.

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