Saturday, July 11, 2009

Raj Goyle will run for Kansas 4th Congressional District

It's not quite official, but State Representative Raj Goyle will be a candidate for Kansas' 4th Congressional District, centered around Wichita. Goyle told a Saturday DFA campaign school at Wichita State University today that he has sent a press release to the Wichita Eagle and other media announcing his candidacy.

Incumbent Todd Tiahrt is running for the US Senate aginst fellow- GOP Congressman Jerry Moran. So this will be an open seat. So fare the Republican candidates seem pretty lackluster.

Goyle is potentially a very strong candidate. He was elected in a stronglyy Republican House district, ousting an incumbent. He has shown a rare ability to mobilize volunteers, raise money, and run a grass-roots campaign. Goyle is very intelligent and has impressive political skills.

Whether those skills can translate froma state House district to a much larger Congressional District is another question. Whether Goyle can appeal to blue collar voters to the same degree as he won the support of the up-scale voters in his district will be another challenge.

This much is certain the 4th District should be on the national watch list for Democratic pickups in 2010.

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