Saturday, March 21, 2009

March Madness and My Brackets

Some people fill out massive numbers of brackets and then, I guess, toot the horn of their best guess.

I did two, the most I've ever done.

First round at KAKE-TV 22/32 (68%) high nationally had 30 of 32, high in the KAKE was 28/32. The KAKE brackets are done round by round. For the second round, you get to pick from all the first round wiiners. You're not shut out by first round losers.

Local 349 out of 641 44%
National 42,194 out of 80,042 44%


23-9 1884738 our of 5+ million 59.30%

I picked Oklahoma to win everything, which wasn't a good pick according to Sports Daily and the other national broadcasters I've heard. I'm not an OU fan, unlike some friends. My thinking was this: Blake Griffin is the best player in the country. Sometimes that is enough. There was a little bit of Big-12 homer in that pick as well.

I have KU getting to the Sweet Sixteen, but then losing to Michigan State. That's a head not a heart pick.

By the way, I fall at about the 50% percentile between bracketologist and "I like their uniforms/mascots/nickname."

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