Monday, December 01, 2008

Kansas Politics Gets Stranger

Hotline reports that Third District Democratic Congressman Dennis Moore won't be running for re-election.

Sources close to Rep. Dennis Moore (KS-03) say he will not run for re-election in '10. It's unclear if he will launch a SEN bid instead; Sen. Sam Brownback (R) is stepping down and is expected to run for GOV.

Via a spokeswoman, Moore said today: "I am honored to be serving the people of the Third District and have every intention of continuing my work in Congress on their behalf."

It could be that Moore will retire or run for Governor, or Hotline could have it wrong. Or it could be that he will run for Senate.

But, if the rumor is true--what a shakeup in Kansas politics.

Here's what could happen. Sam Brownback is stepping down from the Senate to run for Governor, facing Secretary of State Rod Thornburgh with Gov Kathleen Sebelius term-limited. Incumbet Representatives Tiahrt vs. Moran for the GOP Senate nomination, leaving the 1st District and 4th District open. Moore leaving the 3rd District open to ? First-term Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins, having won by a narrow margin facing a rematch from Nancy Boyda, or another tough challenger.

Going down the ticket. Attorney General Steve Six running for his first state-wide campaign, having replaced the ethically challenged, Republican-turned-Democrat Paul Morrison. State Treasurer Dennis McKinney having been appointed to replace Jenkins also running his first state-wide campaign.

Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger, a moderate Republican, might be the only elected incumbent to run for the same office in 2010.

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Anonymous said...

That's a really interesting point...maybe Sandy should jump in the ring for the 3rd District spot, just to make it a clean sweep.

My only fear is that the Democrats have next to no one to put up in many of the statewide offices..and who has any idea who might run in the congressional districts if Moore and Boyda don't run in 2010.