Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Slattery Calls for Economic Stimulus Package

[Here's a good position taken by Democratic US Senate candidate Jim Slattery.]

Strategic Investments in Infrastructure and Education

Topeka, KS- Jim Slattery, candidate for the U.S. Senate, echoed Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke's call for an economic stimulus package.

"As the economic crisis spreads from Wall Street to Main Street, Congress needs to pass an economic stimulus package to help struggling families and small businesses," Slattery said.

In order to revive the economy the federal government should make strategic investments in infrastructure development.

"I favor infrastructure development that will create good paying jobs and rebuild our bridges and highways," Slattery said. "We must also invest in the development of alternative energy, like wind in Kansas, which will create thousands of green jobs."

The federal government should also invest in the next generation by encouraging job training and education. Earlier this month, Slattery proposed a $5,000 tax credit to help low and middle income students attend college.

"Few investments are more important than ensuring every young person who aspires to attend college has the opportunity," Slattery said.

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