Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jimmy LaFave

Jimmy LaFave, an Austin-based, folk-rock singer songwriter appeared at the Bartlett Arboretum,Sunday afternoon backed by a nice band and straight from the just-concluded Woody Guthrie festival in Okemah, Oklahoma.

I had read about LaFave, but hadn't really heard his music except, I think, at the Guthrie Festival several years ago. I've been hoping to make it back to Okemah, but it hasn't worked out. So when I read about the Sunday concert, it seemed like a good opportunity to indirectly support the festival (LeFave is a founder and serves on the board of directors) and the Arboretum.

Well, I think I'm a fan, now. The 12-year old I took enjoyed him and enthusiastically said yes. (We bought Texoma, which I'm enjoying now). On the road home, he asked when LaFave was going to play in Kansas again.

Here's a video of LaFave doing a Dylan tune, something he excels at.

BTW, you can help the Arboretum by voting on-line for for them to $25,000 grant to deal with sever flooding and erosion problems undermining both the Arboretum and area residents.

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