Thursday, June 05, 2008

Songs of Kansas

Norm Geras of the popular normblog has started an interesting series devoted to songs that mention states in their lyrics. The list for Kansas come up yesterday. I hadn't been able to think of a single song that mentioned Kansas.--and web-searching didn't help either. The Jayhawk state fared better than I thought we might. Songs written or performed by Bob Dylan, Tammy Wynette, and Woody Guthrie.

No where as cool as the songs about Texas, but not bad.

Anybody think of a cool one Norm missed?

Songs of Kansas

[The series and its rules are explained here.]

16a. 40 Hour Week: 'Hello Kansas wheat field farmer'. (1, 2.)

16b. Have You Heard The News? - 'Well, they took him to Kansas to the home of an uncle'. (1.)

16c. We're Not The Jet Set: 'And you won't find Onasis / In Mullinville, Kansas'. (1, 2, 3.)

16d. Ballad of Donald White: 'I left my home in Kansas / When I was very young'. (1.)

16e. Do Re Mi: 'Oh, you better go back to... Kansas'. (1. 2.)

UPDATE JULY 3 Norm has added a few more Kansas songs.

6f. The Beehive State: 'Since you're the delegate from Kansas'. (1, 2.)

16g. The Nebraska Song: 'Well I came up from Goodland, Kansas'. (1, 2.)

16h. I'm A Man: 'I'm goin back down / To Kansas.' (1, 2.)

16i. Long Vermont Roads: 'In Kansas and in Missouri'. (1, 2.)

16j. Rhode Island Is Famous For You: 'And Kansas gets bonanzas from the grain'. (1, 2, 3, 4.)

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