Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best of 2007 II-Books

The best books I read in 2007, most were published this year or last.

1. Michael Honey, Going Down Jericho Road. a history of the 1968 Memphis sanitation worker's strike and Martin Luther King's Jr. radical politics. A must for understanding US.

2. Sam Farber, The Origins of the Cuban Revolution Reconsidered.

2. Jim Green, Death in the Haymarket.

4. Darren Cushman Wood, Blue Collar Jesus.

Joe Bagenant, Deer Hunting with Jesus

6. Taner Edis, An Illusion of Harmony

7. Robert Irwin, Dangerous Knowledge: Orientalism and Its Discontents

8. Walter Dean Micahels, The Trouble with Diversity

9. Vali Nasr, The Shia Revival

10. Big Red Songbook. collects the lyrics of every song from the IWW's Little Red Songbooks through the mid-1970s, plus some interesting essays.

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