Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Labor History in July

DBet you didn't know that all these important labor events happened in July?

July 1 National railway strike with one over one million out (1922)

July 3 Children's Strike for 8-hour day Patterson NJ (1913)

July 5 National Labor Relations Act passed (1935)

July 13 Southern Tenant Farmers Union formed (inter-racial union)

July 14 Sacco and Vanzetti convicted (1921)

July 16 San Francisco General Strike (1934)

July 19 First Women's Right Convention Seneca Falls NY

July 29 Grape boycott ends (1970)

July 30 Lettuce boycott starts (1970)

I know because I downloaded the very cool free July calendar from Northland Poster Collective.
They've been doing great work since 1979, but are having to deal with some critical financial issues, so if you have a wall that needs a statement, order something or make a donation.

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