Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Forward at 110

April marks the 110th anniversary of the Forward. Launched as a Yiddish-language daily newspaper on April 22, 1897, the Forward entered the din of New York's immigrant press as a defender of trade unionism and moderate, democratic socialism. Today, the Forward publishes weekly English and Yiddish newsmagazine and connects a new generation of Jewish social activists with labor struggles.

Here's a page with a number of special features on the history of the Forward.

They've also launced ForwardBooks in conjunction with W.W. Norton. They first titel title, in bookstores this month, is “A Living Lens: Photographs of Jewish Life From the Pages of the Forward. Judging from the book's website, it will a stunning book with essays from an outstanding group of writers.

There's a national book check for details here (scroll to the bottom).

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