Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Pat's Day and the other Pat

I drove downtown around noon to the Artichoke which had a nice St. Pat's day promotion set up. A race was launched from there and they had a tent set up in back for all day music.

Listened to a nice trio from up around Lawrence. They were playing three gigs in the area today. It's the one day when every Irish band in the world has a gig--or three.

Later, this evening, there's a benefit for local musicians with medical problems at the Orpheum. This is an on-going program adminstered by the Blues Society and the Acoustic Arts Association. The Pat Fund is named after local blues legend Pat McJimsey.

A worthwhile cause.

Still, I'm reminded that part of John McCutcheon's pitch for musicians to get in the union goes something like this, "if you join the union, you'll be paying a benefit for yourself every night."

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