Thursday, November 16, 2006

Janitors March for Justice in KC

Justice For Janitors – Kansas City

March For Justice

Saturday, November 18th

3:00 PM

J.C Nichols Fountain, PLAZA

Kansas City SEIU members have been locked in negotiations with BG Service Solutions, the largest cleaning contractor in the city, since September. Most janitors who work for BG currently make $6.90/hour or less, and cannot afford the present health care plans for their families. In addition, BG never gives raises to the vast majority of their employees, although they raise rates they charge building owners every year. KC janitors have had enough and are negotiating for a better contract, with higher salaries and real raises, and a health care plan which provides for the families as well as the employees.

BG already pays significantly more to its employees in other cities, such as Denver and Minneapolis. In these places, SEIU members have affordable health care. Yet BG has rejected out of hand the union's financial and health care proposals. BG has also refused to share employee information with the union, for which we have filed federal charges. The message of BG at the bargaining table has been quite clear – their vision of the future of the cleaning industry in Kansas City is a part-time workforce, with no benefits, making $6.50 an hour (Missouri's new minimum wage).

As Kansas City janitors struggle to make a decent living, they need the support of the community. On Saturday, we will again march from the JC Nichols fountain through the Plaza to an important BG-serviced building to protest the conditions of KC SEIU members.

Join SEIU members in saying Enough is Enough! Kansas City will not support poverty wages paid by BG and other contractors in the city. The community at large should not have to pay for our members going to the emergency room – the only health care plan they really have available. These companies need to own up to the health care crisis they are forcing upon the city by refusing to look for more affordable solutions.

For more information, please contact Justin McBride for more information at 816-529-8680 or or visit us on-line at

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