Friday, July 28, 2006

Dirty Tricks in Kansas GOP Primary

The race to be the Republican to lose to Kathleen Sebelius in the Kansas governor's race is apparently getting dirty. And the culprit appears to be Ken Canfield, who is running as the "Christian" "prolife" and "family values" candidate (to distinguish himself from Jim Barnett who is the "Christian" "prolife" and "family values" candidate who is a doctor and promises to be a part-time Governor).

It seems that a Canfield-aligned group has sent a mailing attacking the Barnett, former GOP Speaker Robin Jennison and incumbent Governor Kathleen Sebelius with some very questionable charges.

The most offensive statment says that Republican primary voters should reject Barnett because he has a gay son.

The blog Kansas Governor's Race 2006 had the story, complete with scans from the mailing. But it was hacked by an apparent Canfield supporter.

The KGR folks have resumed control of the blog and are reconstructing it.

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