Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hope for Kansas Dems

An interesting article by the Eagle's Alan Bjerga gives an upbeat picture for Kansas Dems. This is probably close to the conventional wisdom. Most informed observers of Kansas politics wouldn't disagree much.

Traditionally outnumbered in a majority-Republican state, Kansas Democrats tend not to have much firepower when trying to gain more votes at the ballot box.

This year they have a governor, and they're running with it.

Kansas Democrats gather in Topeka today for the party's annual Washington Days convention to build up a party they're boosting through Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, who so far is favored to win re-election this November.

Sebelius dwarfs her Republican opponents in funding and name recognition. None of those candidates has emerged as the clear leader in the race to face her this fall.

Republicans are putting less energy into defeating incumbent Rep. Dennis Moore, the only Democrat in the state's congressional delegation. Instead, they're focusing more on defending Attorney General Phill Kline. He faces a strong challenge from Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison, a Republican who switched parties to face Kline.

Sebelius said she's involved in recruiting candidates for the Legislature.

What did stand out was this extreme statement from Republican State Chairman Tim Shallenberger.
"Democrats don't want people to know where they stand," he said. "They won't talk on social issues, they won't talk about (labor) unions, they'll hide from their national leadership. The Democrats have no morals."

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