Monday, January 16, 2006

Dishonoring King

Nominees for those who most dishonored Martin Luther King with stupid, reactionary, and racists comments.

Nominee Number 1

blogger David Nallee
What he never envisioned was the replacement of that obviously flawed social order with a subtler but even more oppressive system of economic, cultural and political apartheid, supported to a large extent by the same people and groups who were his allies in his fight against racism.
Nominee Number 2

The ISM website reprints an article denouncing the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism for hosting a ceremony honoring Martin Luther King Jr. at the Israeli embassy in Washington.

The article commemorates the legacy of Martin Luther King than to post an article accusing Jewish progressives of being racial supremacists. In fact, it uses the conspiracy language and paronoid style of the anti-Semitic right "Jackson is today allowing [Goodman's] anti-racist legacy to be used to legitimize institutionalized racism and violence. Thus he ingratiates himself with the Zionist movers and shakers who dispense campaign money and respectability in the Democratic Party."
Nominee Number 3

James Dobson dedicated his entire Focus on the Family show on MLK Day to a speech by balck conservative Star Parker attacking "entitlement programs" for the poor,

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