Friday, June 24, 2005

Back to blogging

About time to get back to blogging. I had serious computer problems in early June, which were finally been resolved at the end of last week. I was able to improvise for some of my computer-based efforts for Kansas Workbeat and LabourStart. I still have some big work to do for Kansas Workbeat, but should be able to get that rolling in the next few days.

My blogging efforts suffered the most.

Rather than trying to do some sort of comprehensive or systematic catching up, I'm going to just jump in and do the best I can.

Unfortunately, the computer woes kept me from following through with my inclination to travel to Kansas City last weekend for the Ribs and Rhythm Festival. I sure would have liked to have heard Karrin Allyson, Bobby Watson, Keb' Mo, and Kenny Garrett, but I did make it out to the Wichita Zoo last night for the Frank and Joe show. A very fine show.

It's been a busy couple of weeks. I attened a meeting of the Kansas Action Network in Topeka, meetings of the Wichita NAACP, ACLU, and the Wichita Hutchinson Labor Federation. I also attended and take photos at a forum on Kansas's important, but far from adequate, racial profiling bill. Also, I went to interesting Democratic luncheon with a speaker on farm and rural issues. Shortly, I'll be leaving to attend "Touched by Fire - Bleeding Kansas" a documentary with re-enactments at the Wichita Orpheum.

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