Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Evolution Defenders Will Testify

The Wichtia Eagle reported on Wednesday

Defenders of evolution, despite earlier pledges of a boycott, plan to present three days of evidence in support of the scientific theory at hearings next month.

A science education group, meanwhile, intends to offer daily commentary when supporters of the concept of intelligent design make their case.

The stage will be two sets of hearings May 5-7 and May 12-14 in Topeka before a three-member committee of the State Board of Education. All three members favor de-emphasizing evolution as the board adopts new science standards this year.

Pedro Irigonegaray, a Topeka lawyer, provided no specifics about who will testify in support of standards recommended by a science education committee. He said he is representing, at no charge, that committee's majority, whose evolution recommendations were rejected by the state board.

"The majority concluded that a response is needed," he said.

This appears to be a shift from the boycott announced earlier this month by Kansas Citizens for Science. But it may be that the effort organized by Irigonegaray is an independent effort. Whatever is the case, I think KCFS is on target with these comments.

These “science hearings” will be nothing but a tax-supported showcase for Intelligent Design creationism.

The science, religious, and educational communities will not remain silent, however. The coalition is planning a number of events to present their views outside the “hearings” process. Details will be announced as they are available.

“Intelligent Design Creationism is a theological idea, which the Constitution does not allow to be taught in public school science classes,” said Harry McDonald, President of Kansas Citizens For Science. “Our young people need to learn useful science, not religiously based ideas like Intelligent Design Creationism, in science classes. The future is in bioscience, and we want our young people to be part of that future.”

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