Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Peace lecture in Italy canceled

JTA reported (March 14)

A lecture at the University of Bologna by a Palestinian and Israeli peace activist was canceled.

Samar Sahhar, a Palestinian Christian, and Rome-born Israeli Angelica Calo were to have spoken Wednesday on dialogue and coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians. The university said it was forced to cancel the meeting for fear of protests similar to those launched by leftist students against Israel’s ambassador to Italy when he spoke at the University of Florence last month. In October, leftist students also tried to prevent an Israeli diplomat from speaking at the University of Pisa. Sahhar and Calo are on a speaking tour of several Italian cities.

The Martin Buber Jews for Peace group, one of the sponsors of the tour, said the two women planned to speak in all the other scheduled venues. “As you see, those who want peace inspire fear, and in this way another type of violence is used, to shut people up,” the women were quoted as saying.

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