Friday, November 19, 2004

Two Paths for the Democrats

I've just come across a very interesting blog by Arkansas State University political science professor Russell Fox. He touches on many of the themes raised by Thomas Frank's What's the Matter with Kansas.

Here's a starting point. Fox discusses an essay by Tim Burke outlinging two possible paths to return the Democratic Party to power.

One of the paths Tim describes is his own preferred one: a "soft libertarianism" which will be able to pull in the "South Park Republicans" and other small government-types that sympathize with what might be called social liberalism. (Belle Waring is an enthusiast for this route too.) The other path is mine: a "communalist-socialist" left that accepts--even embraces--the religiousity of the rural South and Midwest so as to bring the working class back around to (or at least, remove moral barriers from them giving a good listen to) egalitarian politics.

Read what Fox has to say here.

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