Friday, November 21, 2003

O'Reilly Slanders Plumbers

Bll O'Reilly is so upset that the Democratic National Committee is promoting Hilary Clinton's new book that his November 7 column makes a truly bizzare charge that slanders plumbers."

"Now the danger is that DNC Chief Terry McAuliffe is using and paying professional hit men to demean and denigrate political opponents. That's exactly what President Nixon did when he used the plumber's union to harass his opponents. " (emphasis added)

But there were no plumbers in Nixon's plumbers unit. The unit was made of lawyers and others assigned by Nixon to punish Daniel Ellsburg who had leaked the Pentagon papers.

The plumber's unit didn't write books critical of Nixon's opponents. They broke in to psychiatrist's offices, stole files, discussed blowing up the Brookings Institution, broke into the Watergate, forged documents, etc.

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